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Sand Fence after Sandy?


It has been a while since Sandy made a visit to the Outer Banks, but the beach is still showing signs of damage and debris. Sand fence, or lack of, seems to be one of the first things you notice as you come over the dunes. We receive a lot of North East wind during the winter months. A perfect time for sand fence to build up the dunes. When preparing to re-install your sand fence, keep in mind that areas adjacent to the ocean and sound, fall under the jurisdiction of the Coastal Area Management Act (CAMA).  Its not just sticking two by fours in the ground and leaning up some fencing. Placement,  spacing,  and angle are just a few details regulated by CAMA guidelines. Sand fence can be an excellent way to help protect your home on the Outer Banks if installed properly. Make sure to install your fencing correctly or consider hiring a professional. Green Incorporated has been installing sand fence as a part of our landscaping services on the Outer Banks for over 18 years. We would be happy to help with your next fencing project. Give us a call for a free quote.


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