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When I first heard the term “childrens museum”, I didnt know what to think. I pictured myself trying to drag my kids through “what I think of when I hear the word museum”,  old relics, plaques with lots of historical facts, and maybe even the odd wax figure. Not a pretty site.  Turns out I had it all wrong. These creative play spaces allow you and your child to learn through play. What a great concept!

Here on the Outer Banks, “Children at Play” is not just a street sign on the side of the road….its a great place to hang out with your kids. The new museum takes math, science, health, and all kinds of other important subjects and mixes them into creative play areas, or “exhibits”. They also offer activities such as art and music on specific days. And, I hear rumors of a new Carolina flair fishing boat, complete with a fighting chair, coming in February.

Children at Play was flooded by hurricane Sandy, but will reopen this month in a bigger and better spot next to Captain Franks in Kitty Hawk. What a combo, legendary hot dogs, ice cream, toy stores, and a childrens museum all in one location. Sounds like good times in more ways than one. See you there.





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